Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art of 9; One, Group Show at McCord Gallery

Postcard designed by Michael Klaus Schmidt, promoting our first group show. Other award-wining artists in our group show are; Dianne Martia, Dennis Salaty, Vianne Korhorn, Tony Armendariz, Jerri Reimann, Cheryl Ann Spran, and Frank Tumino.

What makes this show interesting and unique is our way of communicating through diverse mediums, including pastel, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pencil. What you'll see is 2D and 3D art work ranging from realism to assemblage, to the fine art of collage.

The exhibit is running through April 22 and we're hosting a free Artists' Reception March 23 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Coming Home #5
Mixed Media

This is one of the seven pieces I'm exhibiting at the show. Hope to see you at the reception.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Addison Show

Uncovered 2; what is hidden is revealed
oil & cold wax

Just dropped off my piece for the Addison Show; "The Art of Collage: Celebrating the Masters". One hundred years ago, Picasso glued a piece of chair caning onto a canvas and the fine art of collage was born. In celebration of collage as a fine art media, our group, The Midwest Collage Society, decided to pick noted artists who wove collage into their creative repertoire. I chose Man Ray,, an American born artist who was a significant contributor to both the Dada and Surrealistic movements.

"I paint what cannot be photographed, that which comes from the imagination
or dreams or from unconscious drive.
I photograph the things I do not wish
to paint, the things which already
have an existence."
Man Ray

The piece above is the second in a new series. The inspiration coming from post chemo-radiation therapy, when my husband and I decided to take a series of photographs celebrating my body and my spirit's ability to survive. Like an infant coming from the womb, I felt newly alive. This series will embody that spirit.

So far I have (6) 16x20 panels, 2 are finished, the other 4 in various stages of completion. I also finished a 4x6 study and have prepped (4) 8x10 panels. The 16 x 20 panels are oil and cold wax, the smaller panels are in acrylic.

Happiness is

the love of my life
When I first laid eyes on him 26 years ago, I felt as if my heart had suddenly decided to sing.
And miracles of miracles, the symphony is still playing.

What is missing in this picture (because I cropped them out) are the lines of red and white wine classes sitting in front of us. We were celebrating the beginning of 2012 and Fred's daughter snapped this at about 12:05 am, January 1. I think she captured the spirit, fun and hope for a new year.