Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pieces Left Behind; a very, short story

Acrylic & Ink

For the outer sense alone perceives visible things
and the eye of the heart sees the invisible.
                                                                   Richard of Saint Victor

Pieces Left Behind

She leaves pieces of herself around the house-
rings on window sills, tablets on tables, pens attached to journals,
and books - books all over the place.

When I'm gone, she thinks, and others want to remove these objects -
you'll say, Leave that! don't touch it, don't move it.

They'll think you're crazy.

Until their moment of loss appears
and they realize -
Oh! - 
that was his connection to her.
She lived in those inanimate objects -
they came alive when she wore them,
touched them,
made them part of her.

As long as those objects 
were where she placed them,
she was there, too.