Friday, February 28, 2014

Behhind every great artist is another great artist

Hidden Gestures
10x22.5 inches
acrylic on watercolor paper

Artist and calligrapher, Yves Letterme, illustrates in his book, Thoughtful Gestures, how our own marks can be beautiful and mysterious.

Since reading his book I have been more courageous at experimenting with gestures in my work. 

At first, I thought I should learn basic calligraphy; HA! instead I learned I don't have the patience.

Reading Letterme's book and Gina Jonas's, Finding the Flow, I discovered the basics aren't essential if cultivating your own mark making is the goal. 

I've been writing since I was able to hold a pencil and have developed a distinctive style, Jonas and Letterme have shown me how I can take it a step farther.

I rediscovered my passion for painting and collage in 2007. What I didn't anticipate was all the creative artists, teachers, and mentors I would meet along the way.

The internet has proven to be a vital, dynamic resource for creative exchange,
and the breadth of art is almost infinite. If I'm not careful, I could end up being lured into a vortex of continuous observation instead of adding to the poetic inventory.

So I turn off my computer and turn into my studio. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Inspiration and stepping beyond my comfort zone

She Had To Fight Her Way Out
15x30 inches
Mixed Media
"Where I create, there I am true". Rainer Maria Rilke
In two months I will be attending an Intensive Studies Seminar in NM. In preparation, the instructors have asked us to submit a statement of intention along with three examples of our current work. This assignment encouraged me dig deeper into my creative motivations. Will I have the courage to open to the point where I am creating, there I am true? It is my intention and every night I send out a prayer to the Universe asking for the courage to surrender.

I have an idea for a series which I want to develop at the seminar. The almost finished piece above is the first. Can you see the man's face? He appeared without my direct help. When I stepped away from the canvas, there he was, not looking extremely pleased. And as I saw him, the title floated into my head.
The series will explore the compromises women make to survive and enjoy success and happiness in this male dominated space. One title I am considering is Fee-Male. What fees, emotionally, physically and financially do we pay to be the yin to the male yang?
I want to explore this concept using abstract thought and verbalizing my thinking with color and texture. Titles are also important, as they represent the gateway to the artist's intention. So my challenge will be using paint, texture and an abbreviated sentence to convey my intention. If successful, these three elements will lead to thoughtful communication.

Jeane Myers  an artist whose work I admire,
is very good at expressing her intentions on canvas. There are many contemporary artists who inspire and influence my work. What attracts me to Jeane's is her uncanny ability to make the entire canvas rich and interesting. Each line, each corner, has a secret that needs discovering. 
So, coming back to center, will I have the courage to be true? This question will be my beacon during the ISS.