Monday, January 8, 2018

Something Wonderful is Happening

The Feminine Series

You're It

as a myriad of things and
playing a game 
of tag

has kissed you and said
"You're it-
I mean, you're REALLY IT!"

it does not matter 
what we believe or feel
for something wonderful,
major-league Wonderful
is someday going 

This Christmas I was given a book of poetry by the Sufi poet, Hafiz. When I read this poem it spoke directly to the new year, new chapter in my life. Something wonderful is happening. 

After being in the corporate world for more than 37 years, I am closing those chapters and opening a new gateway to full time painting. 

I never dreamed I'd get to play
the greatest role of all: myself. 
                                                Kia LaBeija

No doubt, there is some angst. Part of the mind shift deals with perception semantics - I no longer tell myself "I'm going to the office." instead, "I'm going to the studio." And I am no longer going to work; I am going to my practice. 

This mental shift helps break the paradigm of the  corporate"40 hour week" and places it smack into the unknown reality of creativity which has no time or space, but it does have discipline if it is to manifest. 

Venturing onto a blank canvas
means going into an unknown situation. 
                                                    Robert Diebenkorn

This is something I have been yearning to do for quite some time and with the love and support of my life partner, I have been given the oars to glide, tumble, and steer my vessel into new horizons.

I am not interested in art 
as a means of making a living, 
but I am interested
in art
as a means of living a life.
                                                          Robert Henri

The wisdom and truth in those words sing to my soul.