Friday, February 13, 2015

Does society influence art making?

Sketchbook #2
exercise no. 10
Collage, ink, acrylic, gouache
9 x 12 inches
140 lb watercolour paper

I believe the answer is, yes. As people change, artists are influenced by those cultural and environmental changes. In this century, I believe, technology has been a greater influence on changing art than people. 

Of course, the technology is invented by people, so I suppose you could still say that people influence the art and artist.

If the above is true, then the categories we place certain types of art, also change with the times. Abstract expressionism today is not the same abstract expressionism of the 40's and 50's. Is today's abstract expressionism closer to non-representational art? Is there a difference?

And why is it even necessary to put your art in a category? Obviously, representational or realism is self evident. We all recognize the image on the canvas.  We only need to decide if it's great, good or mediocre. 

What of  the illusionary art? The art maker who attempts to put her or his soul on the canvas? You can't look at that type of art without bringing your own subjective history and projecting it on the canvas. And when the piece is good, it resonants with us on a level beyond our mundane humanity. 

This entry is becoming a lot like my art. I started off with one idea and end up somewhere else. Well, the words and the thoughts are leading this morning. I will not reign them in. 

So, I don't answer the question in paragraph three. My history of art is not that extensive. I could hop on Google and probably find the correct definitions, but that would take the fun out of this writing session and take a winding road and turn it into the straight and narrow path. Which would make this a less than mundane post.