Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Max as Art

I am almost finished with my Exquisite Corpse pieces, good thing, too, as I have to drop them off to the Bloomingdale District Park Museum on Saturday.

For those who don't know what the Exquisite Corpse display is, it started as a parlor game where artists would fold a piece of paper into thirds, the first artist would draw the head, fold it over and hand it to the second artist to draw a torso, the second artist would fold it over and hand it to the last artist to draw the legs. Then they would unfold the paper to discover the "exquisite corpse".

Our Midwest Collage Society decided to use this theme for our upcoming show. Initially I was just going to do a head, but then I got into the "spirit" and ended up with 3 heads, 2 torsos and 2 sets of legs. Over all I am really pleased with my "creations". I will be posting pictures soon.

In the meantime, I offer you the latest picture of our dog, Max. My husband took this picture with his new iphone. Doesn't he look like a piece of art?


  1. Portrait perfect masterpiece!

  2. He sure does! Just like one of those old masters you see with the posed dog. He's a sweetie!