Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stepping into our destiny

Disappearing Mark

It stands in need of you in order to be born. Martin Buber

In my late teens I had a clear vision I was put here on earth to do more than simply "exist." It was a powerful moment as I realized my life was not small. 

With thoughts of infinity messing up my adolescent mind, it was easy to fall into a crushing void, because the Universe was beyond my finite comprehension. So that moment gave me a glimpse of a future filled with immense opportunity. 

Today I wonder, if we all don't, at some point, have that whispered into our consciousness, but since our survival as a species demands, on a very subterranean level, that we survive by being part of a group, we fear stepping outside that circle of approval and instead "lead lives of quiet desperation*".

There is a  theory our destiny, our highest Self, is created the moment we are born, and wants to be realized but can only do so through our human cooperation.

It's a symbiotic relationship; our highest purpose can not be realized without us and we can not achieve our highest purpose until we are born. 

*Henry David Thoreau

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