Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Morning Prayer

Collage, acrylic, oil, cwm, gold pigment
12x12 inches

              "Oh Wow!"
These were the two words that escaped,
 without thought, 
as I walked out of my house.

Resting high in the sky 
was a perfectly round heart, 
pulsing crimson red with life sustaining light.

It was the sun-
sitting silent,
burning through the morning mist,
all the color of the sky,
resting in her hemoglobin red round face.

True beauty stops you in your tracks-
true beauty takes your breath
 and gives it back with wonder.

She opened my day with poetry,
and gave me the gift of gratitude.

As I stepped along the path,
I was aware-
we are here
because of her. 

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