Friday, December 5, 2014

Do you understand abstract art?

22 x 17 inches
mixed media on paper

I was having lunch with a dear friend and fellow artist, yesterday, and at one point of the conversation she asked, 
"do you understand abstract art?"

Her choice of expression is realism, primarily botanical. I am always amazed by the tower of her talent and the amount of patience she has for finite detail. The results are breathtaking. 

For instance, she once showed me a delicate pencil drawing of a milk weed pod, exploding with its milk weed pollen. It was so softly beautiful and the detail was stunning; I could feel the breeze blowing the pollen across the page. 

I tend to throw the paint at the canvas, letting gravity, and my hand, direct its flow.  

You are lost the instant you know what the result will be.
Cubist sculptor and painter, Juan Gris,

I never really thought about understanding abstract art, so my friend's question led to an interesting conversation and another question;
 Are we supposed to understand it? or just feel it?

Abstract art comes from the inside, out; realism, from the outside, in. I believe, when you look at abstract art you see it with your soul and feel it in your heart. It either moves you, or not. So in that respect, yes, I do understand abstract art. 

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