Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The wonder of smallness

ink and metallic powder
on paper

Each day is filled with precious little gifts, 
if only we take the time to breathe in, 
and in that breath, 
to see.

One sunny, warm day, while walking my dogs, Max and Mollie, a dragonfly appeared inches from my eyes. "Oh, how wonderful!"

And I walked along in amazement as that beautifully, iridescent, small dragonfly kept me company all the way to my driveway, then off she flew.

 But not before giving me the joy of her diamond blue coat, flashing the sunny rays, shimmering along as we traveled together for a sparse space in time.

Silently, we spoke the language of oneness and she taught me the miracle in the mundane. 

So often we wait for those BIG moments - thunderous, earthshaking events and we miss the small wonders that show themselves to us every moment of every day. How sad, to present your beauty, only to be ignored in the rush to get to the next thing.

Eyes wide open
ears unplugged
mouth generously silent

Look around and see the wonder of smallness - they are the giants that feed our souls. 

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