Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Magic of Flying

Getting Ready To Fly
17 x 14 inches
oil/cold wax/pastel

I fly a lot in my dreams. I've read this is a sign of being or feeling free. 

Perhaps. What I know, these dreams are a special gift. 

When I have a flying dream, I soar way above earth, where it's cold, but I'm not cold. Instead, I feel as if my heart is pulsing outside my body and I can barely catch my breath for the excitement of it all.

Just like Superman, stretching my arms out in front of me, I run and pitch myself forward into the wind. For an instant, I am barely off the ground, waiting for the wind's embrace to lift me. And then, up, up, and up. 

Grinning like mad, I'm amazed I am flying. No fear, just pure joy. Sometimes I see others flying but, usually I'm up there by myself, cruising along, feeling weightless and unbound by gravity. 

To land, I slowly descend back to earth, hovering over the ground until I can easily place me feet back on terra firma. 

Sometimes, I'm really lucky and fly twice in a dream, reenacting the whole Superman move, just to have that feeling of being lifted up into the sky. It's pure sensation. 

The magic of flying-
I'm lying still, 
in bed,
I'm really traveling 
great distances. 


  1. You recently mentioned in a FB post and I thought to myself I should respond and say I also fly in my dreams, not often though. Sometimes my flying is for pleasure but often as not I'm escaping from some danger. As much as I enjoy the flight of fun the ones where I fly to safety are actually the ones that make me feel "powerful". The dream imagery of flying has inspired some of my favorite paintings. Thank you for sharing your dream world too.

    1. Hi Susan, What a wonderful comment. Writers need to write, but they also need readers. Thank you.

  2. and your poem is as lovely as your art. speaking in tongues with your brush.