Sunday, April 19, 2015

These are the days we live for

acrylic on vellum

Surviving another arctic winter in the Midwest, I cherish mornings like today's. Before the neighborhood wakes and the endless cacophony of automobile engines, it's serene and along with my two companions, Max and Mollie, we absorb the quiet around us.

The morning, the mourning doves and a singular cardinal inspired this little poem.

Ode to Spring

Mourning dove
serenading the loss of the moon
and the ascension of the sun.

Cardinal singing his sermon of praise -
if only I knew his language.

Is he praising the ski
for its azure beauty?

Is he complimenting the sun
for its soft morning heat?

Is he waking the trees,
gently reminding them to bud?

Is he congratulating the tulips & daffodils
for crowning the earth -
in such colorful splendor?

Is he greeting me? -  
sweeping my eyes skyward
to find him perching on the very top
of a yet leafless tree-
puffing out his crimson chest as he senses
his goal achieved
and in a final operatic trill, 
good morning!
good morning!
good morning!
remember this moment,
cherish this pause. 

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