Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dumpster Diving for Words

Windows #1
8.5x14 inches 

What do rectangles and circles imply? 

This morning I was taking pictures of my recent pieces and saw the pattern of circles, ellipses, and rectangles and wondered why these symbols are presenting themselves on my canvases.

Obviously, my hand is putting them there, but why? Why, when I look at a piece am I  drawn to make these shapes? 

A rectangle symbolizes introspection. A window into deeper thought. A solitude.

 Unbroken #2
14 x 22 inches

Circles & ellipses symbolize continuity, wholeness, fullness, life, love. These symbols communicate my desires. 

As a painter who likes to write, I enjoy rambling through my thoughts in a continuous  stream of articulation. Dumpster diving through the letters and words, keeping some, tossing others back into the mind-field.

When you think about it, writing is painting pictures with letters, the alphabet becomes the brush, the words, images. 

Consider the wonder; 26 letters provide a infinite source of entertainment, three primary colors, plus white and black, can provide an endless palette within reach of the painter's brush. 

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