Thursday, September 4, 2014

Showing you my ugly

A hot mess
24 x 30

When I first heard abstract artist, Virginia Cobb, say, every painting goes through an ugly phase, I was relieved! It was like getting permission to go outside and play. 

This piece has gone through several ugly stages and is now in the ugliest of the ugly. I have considered just tossing the canvas. I have asked myself, "why do you keep putting good paint on this?" 

For some reason, I can't let go, yet. Can I make it even more ugly? Oh yeah, you bet.

 For now, though, I'm going to try to work with what I have, make some decisions and  move it into a place where I want to look at it.  


  1. ha, ha! oh yes I know this place! the ugly place. I wrestle with this. When I am examining this and how it affects my art practice, I realize for me there is an aspect of judgment in saying "ugly" to my painting or even "I don't like this". I find it stands in the way of getting on with the next step. I find if I can just be with it I can move on. But it is a major hurdle for me, "not judging" my work too early. But yep I am intimately connected to that question about "good paint"

  2. Very Frank Auerbach! I like it as is, but then I like Auerbach's work, which is kind of "ugly" yet so very compelling and visceral.