Saturday, September 27, 2014


Line Play
6x7 inches
India ink

"What meaningful intentions would you like to set for your work-the qualitities you most value and want to keep going or aspire to?"

An innocent sheet of paper handed out by Rebecca Crowell at a recent workshop asking questions that urged a deeper introspection as to why we want to paint. The last question on the sheet was the one above. 

Here was my response:
Totems. Marks. Flow. Continuity. Spirit. Meditative.
I want my work to be beautiful, not pretty. Beauty is truth. Pretty lacks substance. I want to imbue my work with my intentions of calm, love, grace and joy, in essence, a mirror or reflection of my soul. 
Let it speak for that which resides within me that has no human voice - rather a collective conscious understanding. 

I came away from this workshop with a deeper trust and understanding of my creative process. Each time I approach the surface I have less fear. I appreciate and respect my hand and what it is able to communicate by moving across the space with passion and clarity. 

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